Scanbody Selection

Selecting the correct scanbody for implant scanning is essential to ensure accurate digital impressions and compatibility with the implant system being used. Here are some steps to help you select the correct scanbody:

  1. Identify the Implant System: Determine the specific implant system that was used for the patient’s implant placement. Each implant system may have its own unique scanbodies designed specifically for that system.
  2. Understand the Implant Platform: Determine the platform size of the implant, which refers to the diameter of the implant fixture or abutment. Common platform sizes include narrow, regular, and wide. The scanbody needs to match the platform size to achieve accurate scanning and compatibility with the digital workflow.
  3. Refer to Manufacturer Resources: Consult the manufacturer’s product catalog, website, or documentation for the specific implant system. Manufacturers usually provide detailed information on the available scanbodies and their compatibility with their implant systems. Look for compatibility charts or guides that match the implant system, platform size, and scanbody options.
  4. Choose the Correct Size and Shape: Once you have identified the compatible scanbodies, select the appropriate size and shape that matches the implant being restored. Scanbodies come in various sizes and configurations, including different heights and angulations. Consider the position and orientation of the implant in the patient’s mouth to ensure proper fit and alignment of the scanbody.
  5. Verify with the Dental Laboratory or Manufacturer: If you have any uncertainties or questions regarding the selection of the scanbody, reach out to the dental laboratory or contact the implant system manufacturer directly. They can provide guidance and assistance in selecting the correct scanbody for the specific implant system and platform size.
  6. Double-Check Compatibility: Before using the scanbody, double-check its compatibility with the implant system and platform size. Ensure that it is designed to fit snugly and securely onto the implant fixture or abutment

By following these steps and utilizing the manufacturer’s resources, you can select the correct scanbody for implant scanning. Accuracy in selecting the appropriate scanbody is crucial to obtain precise digital impressions, ensuring seamless integration with the digital workflow and successful fabrication of the final restoration.

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